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Ditch the Survey Fatigue, Embrace Real Conversations

2024/06/19 10:56 am | Reading Time: 4:00

Customer surveys can feel a bit like that awkward relative who just won't stop asking questions. You know they mean well, but honestly, you'd rather just have a conversation! According to McKinsey, businesses spend a whopping 16 billion dollars on surveys every year, but both customers and companies are feeling the fatigue.


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Surveys: A Well-Meaning but Outdated Approach

Surveys were designed to be a helpful way to gather feedback. But sometimes, they miss the mark. They can be designed with the brand's goals in mind, not the customer's experience. This can leave customers feeling like their voice isn't being heard, and businesses frustrated when desired outcomes aren't met.

The Future of Customer Feedback: A Listening Revolution

The good news is customers still crave to be heard! Hubspot reported that 90% of customer experience leaders see skyrocketing customer expectations. People want brands to listen and engage, not just collect data.

Here's the exciting part: customers are already sharing valuable feedback every day. It's hidden in emails, calls, chats, and even virtual meetings. This unsolicited feedback is a goldmine because it's honest and unprompted, revealing what truly matters to your customers.

Why Unsolicited Feedback is a Gift

  • It's Everywhere: Companies already have a treasure trove of customer conversations stored in contact centers, CRMs, and digital platforms. This data is constantly growing, unlike limited survey responses.
  • It's Untapped Potential: Amazing technology like AI and natural language processing can now unlock this treasure chest, turning it into actionable insights.
  • It's Authentic Gold: Unsolicited feedback reveals genuine customer concerns and emotions, not answers influenced by survey questions. It's the real deal!

Benefits of Listening at Scale

Imagine building stronger relationships with your customers, not just collecting data from them. That's the power of truly understanding customer needs. Businesses that listen closely can make smarter decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and overall business success. Happy customers lead to a happy business, and that's a win-win for everyone!

Conversational Intelligence: Your Secret Weapon

Instead of bombarding customers with surveys, conversational intelligence (CI) tools can be your secret weapon. CI listens to existing conversations, identifying customer problems and emotions (like frustration or happiness) in real-time.

Picture a healthcare provider leveraging CI to analyze patient calls regarding appointments, medication, or billing. This approach offers invaluable insights, enabling them to devise tailored solutions that directly resolve customer concerns, thereby enhancing overall satisfaction

3 Ways CI Makes Customer Feedback a Breeze

  • Faster Fixes: Identify problems and implement solutions quickly, leading to a more positive customer experience.
  • Leverage Existing Data: Analyze conversations already happening within your digital ecosystem to drive positive results. You've got the data, now use it!
  • Empower Agents: Use customer feedback to improve agent communication and address any roadblocks on digital channels. Happy agents lead to happy customers!

The Takeaway

Surveys can feel a bit one-sided. Customers are tired of answering the same questions. They want to be heard. By prioritising unsolicited feedback and leveraging the power of conversational intelligence, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their customers, build stronger relationships, and ultimately achieve lasting success. It's a win-win for everyone – happier customers and a thriving business!


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