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Love those product recommendations? Brace yourself for the surprising truth about AI in CX

2024/06/01 17:03 pm | Reading Time: 2:00

Ever walk out of a store feeling like you just navigated a customer service maze? Or maybe you've gotten lost on a website, unable to find what you need. That's bad customer experience (CX); let me tell you, it's enough to make anyone switch brands.

But on the flip side, a positive CX can turn you into a raving fan. Think about it: a company that remembers your past purchases and recommends something you'll love, or a website that helps you find what you need in seconds – that's the kind of experience that keeps you coming back for more.

That's where technology comes in. Companies are using all sorts of cool tech tools to make things easier for us customers. We're talking streamlined processes, personalised interactions, and a seamless experience no matter how we choose to interact with a business – online, in-store, you name it. It's like they're reading our minds almost!.

One way this is happening is by blending the old with the new. Remember brick-and-mortar stores? They're not going anywhere! But now they're teaming up with websites and apps to create a unified experience. No more feeling like you're starting from scratch every time you switch channels.

Then there's artificial intelligence (AI). This fancy tech can predict what we might need and personalise our experience. For instance, imagine a website that recommends clothes based on your past purchases or the weather in your city. Super convenient, right? But here's the catch: it can also feel a little creepy if a company knows too much about you.

That's why data privacy is a huge concern. We don't want businesses using our information in ways we don't approve of. To address this, some companies ask permission before using our data and even letting us choose how we want to interact with them.

Here's the thing: this CX tech is only good if it's used ethically. Companies need to be upfront with us about how they're using our data and take responsibility for keeping it safe. Because at the end of the day, even the coolest AI can't replace good old-fashioned human connection, especially when it comes to trust.

So, the next time you have a great customer experience, take a moment to appreciate the tech working behind the scenes. But also remember, the human touch is still essential for building lasting relationships with the brands we love.


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