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BT Group Enhances Customer Experience with Expanded ServiceNow Partnership

2024/06/24 16:01 pm | Reading Time: 2:00

BT Group and ServiceNow have announced an expanded partnership aimed at enhancing customer and employee experiences. Under this multi-year agreement, ServiceNow's service management capabilities will be extended to all BT Group units, driving savings, efficiency, and improved customer interactions. BT Group will also utilize ServiceNow Service Bridge for automated connectivity between BT and their customers and plans to pilot ServiceNow’s Now Assist for Telecom Service Management (TSM) to leverage generative AI capabilities for both internal and customer-facing teams.

Since consolidating its legacy service management platforms into a single ServiceNow platform in 2022, BT Group has been implementing ServiceNow’s service management solutions across its organization. A key application within this platform is ServiceNow Service Bridge, which links BT Group with their enterprise customers, streamlining and automating tasks such as orders, support, and service. Service Bridge integrates previously isolated processes into a unified digital workflow, enabling customers to submit requests directly to BT’s service team from within their own ServiceNow environments.

BT is among the first to pilot Now Assist for TSM and benefit from ServiceNow’s generative AI capabilities. During its initial rollout to 300 agents, Now Assist significantly improved agent responsiveness and overall experiences for BT Group’s agents and customers. For instance, case summarization reduced the time agents spent generating case activity summaries by 55% and enhanced the agent handoff process by reducing the time required to review complex case notes by 55%. This reduction in handling time has helped BT Group improve its mean time to resolve issues by a third.

Hena Jalil, Managing Director of Business CIO at BT Group, commented, “Reimagining how we deliver service management requires a platform-first approach, building stronger foundations for us to operate faster and smarter. Our approach, powered by ServiceNow and enhanced with AI, will transform the customer experience at BT Group, unlocking value at every stage of the journey. In short, it further assures our customers that we’ve got their back.”

Paul Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at ServiceNow, added, “We’re thrilled to partner with BT Group to accelerate their business transformation goals. In this new era of intelligent automation, ServiceNow brings AI to work for our customers with speed, trust, and security. By harnessing the speed and scale of the Now Platform, we’re creating a competitive advantage for BT, driving enterprise-wide transformation, and helping them achieve new levels of productivity, innovation, and business impact.”

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