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InMoment Revolutionizes Customer Experience with AI-Powered Conversational Intelligence Solution

2024/06/26 15:42 pm | Reading Time: 2:00

InMoment has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement today by integrating generative AI into its state-of-the-art Conversational Intelligence solution. This innovative technology harnesses the vast wealth of information from contact center conversations, online chats, and emails to optimize operations, elevate customer engagement, and enhance overall customer experiences.

Conversational Intelligence represents a significant leap forward in integrated customer experience analytics. By seamlessly integrating contact center conversations, emails, chats, calls, surveys, reviews, and social media feedback, businesses can now leverage generative AI, NLP, and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies to unlock insights from unstructured data, which typically constitutes more than 85% of a company's data. This breakthrough enables organizations to discover valuable opportunities across call centers and diverse customer touchpoints that were previously inaccessible.

With Conversational Intelligence, organizations can achieve multiple benefits, including increased first call resolution for faster issue resolution at reduced costs, enhanced agent performance and retention rates, improved customer satisfaction metrics such as CSAT and NPS, and decreased operational expenses.

"In today’s experience-driven economy, delivering exceptional customer service is a critical competitive advantage," commented Sandeep Garg, Chief Technology and Product Officer at InMoment. "Conversational Intelligence, powered by generative AI, empowers businesses to truly understand customer sentiment, effort, intent, and emotion directly from conversations, not just through post-interaction surveys. This unprecedented level of insight enables companies to pinpoint high-impact areas for improvement and drive significant business outcomes."

Several InMoment clients are already leveraging Conversational Intelligence, integrating it with diverse feedback data sources to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. Among its Fortune 500 customers, millions of conversations are being analyzed, encompassing voice transcripts, reviews, web chat logs, and survey responses. Since adopting this solution, these organizations have reported improvements such as a 3-5% increase in first call resolution, expanded call analysis covering 100% of transcripts, and a 2-5% rise in CSAT scores.

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