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Nissan Expands Second Delivery Program to Enhance Customer Engagement

2024/07/02 15:09 pm | Reading Time: 2:00

Nissan has launched the Second Delivery program to assist owners in mastering advanced driving technologies like ProPILOT Assist and Safety Shield 360. Recognizing that these features may require some time to get accustomed to, especially for first-time Nissan owners, the Second Delivery program is designed to offer personalized support.

Initially introduced for the Ariya in February 2023, the program will expand to include the Rogue SL, Rogue Platinum, and LEAF by late 2024. This complimentary service enhances the standard vehicle delivery process by providing owners with a detailed briefing on their new car's features about a week after purchase or lease.

Owners can opt for the Second Delivery through designated dealers, the MyNISSAN app, or the Nissan Owners Portal. A dedicated Tech Expert will arrange the meeting at a location convenient for the owner, such as their home, workplace, or another preferred spot, to explain all the vehicle's functionalities. Previously, owners had to call to set up specific features, ask questions, or learn about technologies to improve their driving experience.

Missy N., a satisfied Ariya owner from Colorado, shared her positive experience: "The easier I got used to all the options the car possessed, the more I felt the desire to turn it on."

Since its inception, over 5,000 Second Delivery appointments have been made. Each Tech Expert undergoes extensive training, with up to 900 hours dedicated to specific models like the Ariya, Rogue, or LEAF. According to Dan Mohnke, Nissan’s Vice President of eCommerce and Customer Experience, 93% of customers found Second Delivery immensely valuable in understanding their vehicle’s capabilities.

Mohnke emphasized the significance of personalized experiences in meeting customer expectations, particularly for Ariya owners new to Nissan. "These types of experiences are extremely important for us to offer our Ariya customers, who are largely new to the Nissan brand and interested in using all of the latest technology," he noted.

Philip Stahl, a recent Ariya Platinum+ e-4ORCE owner from Southern California, praised the program for its utility and convenience. "It was definitely useful in getting comfortable with the technology," he remarked, adding that the Tech Expert remained accessible for further assistance post-appointment.

The expansion of Second Delivery highlights Nissan's dedication to long-term customer satisfaction and trust. "Second Delivery builds a sense of trust with the customer," Mohnke added. "It shows we’re not just about the purchase. You’re a customer for life." Nissan plans to extend the program to more models, supported by knowledgeable experts committed to enhancing the ownership experience.

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