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Startek Launches New Generative AI to Empower Agents and Transform Customer Experience

2024/05/23 12:31 pm | Reading Time: 3:00

Startek announced the launch of Startek Generative AI, an innovative suite of Generative AI solutions designed to accelerate and enhance business processes, ensuring greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Startek Generative AI transcends basic automation by offering a strategic approach that enhances agent productivity, streamlines operations, and personalises the customer journey. Leveraging generative AI tools, this new suite swiftly identifies and addresses customer needs across multiple touchpoints. By optimising HR, training, and operational functions, agents can prioritise responses with increased empathy and speed, significantly elevating the overall customer experience. From transforming agent training to automating tasks and analysing sentiment for personalisation, Startek Generative AI empowers organisations to refine every aspect of their CX journey.


Customer experience in AI


"The customer experience landscape is undergoing a significant transformation driven by AI," said Abhinandan Jain, Chief Growth Officer, Startek. "Startek Generative AI isn't just about keeping pace; it's about giving businesses a competitive edge. With Generative AI, our clients can deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint while unlocking significant cost savings, increasing productivity, expanding insights, and enhancing both agent and customer experiences."

Key features of Startek Generative AI include:

Agent Experience: Enhance agent onboarding and training with interactive modules and tailored coaching. Boost performance through personalised insights and real-time support for exceptional customer experiences.

Self-Service: Empower customers with voice and text-based self-service options for quick query resolution and increased satisfaction.

WFH and Compliance: Ensure workforce efficiency and compliance by accurately predicting call volumes and automating quality assurance processes using advanced analytics.

Startek GPT: Streamline operations and enhance engagement with concise insights and real-time sentiment analysis for personalised service adjustments.

At the core of Startek Generative AI lies Startek GPT, a powerful engine utilising a generative pre-trained transformer. Startek GPT automates tasks, summarises interactions, and analyses customer sentiment, enabling agents to focus on complex issues and deliver more personalised customer experiences.

Startek® Generative AI has already shown remarkable results for a multinational electronics and hardware manufacturer, achieving a 20% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR) for 50% of agents and a 15% improvement in Voice Average Handling Time (AHT) for 60% of agents.

Startek Generative AI is not just a solution for today’s challenges; it represents a glimpse into the future of CX. With a deeply human-centric approach, as businesses adopt Generative AI, Startek Generative AI is poised to redefine customer expectations at every touchpoint.


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