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Whirlpool and HUL Partner to Enhance Laundry Experience for Indian Consumers

2024/06/14 18:23 pm | Reading Time: 2:00

Whirlpool of India Ltd, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation and a leading brand in India's washing machine market, has formed a new marketing partnership with Surf Excel, a prominent brand under Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). This alliance aims to revolutionize and enhance the laundry experience for Indian consumers.

The collaboration brings together the innovative technologies of both brands to deliver superior cleaning performance and convenience for households. According to Whirlpool, this partnership will integrate advanced fabric care technologies, significantly improving the daily laundry process and elevating the overall customer experience.

The partnership is being showcased through a new campaign that highlights the synergy between Whirlpool’s Top Load Washing Machines and Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent. This campaign emphasizes the seamless and efficient cleaning process facilitated by the combined technologies. Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Technology and Surf Excel’s Stain Penetrating Power work in tandem to effectively remove a variety of tough, dried-on stains.

Kumar Gaurav Singh, Vice President of Marketing at Whirlpool of India, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting the growth potential in India's washing machine market where many consumers are first-time buyers. He highlighted the combined strengths of mechanical, thermal, and chemical actions in achieving expert stain removal.

Srinandan Sundaram, Executive Director of Home Care at Unilever, added that the partnership aims not only to increase the penetration of liquid detergents but also to enhance the overall laundry experience. By merging advanced technologies, the collaboration seeks to provide a superior fabric care solution and educate consumers on effective laundry practices. The ultimate goal is to offer convenience and innovation to households across India, making laundry routines easier and more efficient.

This collaboration is set to deliver a more effective and convenient laundry experience to Indian consumers, leveraging the strengths and technologies of both Whirlpool and Surf Excel.

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