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Defining Customer Excellence in the B2B landscape

In an era where global business dynamics are rapidly evolving, understanding the intricacies of operating in diverse markets has never been more crucial. Noble Enterprises, CFO, Vipin Yadav, in conversation with Nidhi Arora, executive editor, CX-Net, shares the pivotal role in sculpting an exceptional customer experience in the B2B manufacturing landscape. Exploring the depths of Noble Enterprises’ strategies in Mozambique and beyond. From intricate market analyses to pioneering customer engagement techniques, this conversation sheds light on how Noble Enterprises is redefining the norms of business-to-business relations and setting new standards in the industry.

04 Dec 2023 | Reading Time: 01:00 min

Nidhi Arora, Editor, CX-Net: Tell us about the breadth of your operations and your role within the company.

Vipin Yadav, CFO, Noble Enterprises: My role encompasses overseeing the financial and accounting aspects of our operations, particularly in the beverage manufacturing sector. We're part of the larger Group SNS, with a presence spanning Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Congo, DRC, and even India.

Nidhi: Your business primarily operates in a B2B model. How do you ensure a quality customer experience within this framework?

Vipin: Our focus is indeed B2B, where we collaborate extensively with distributors across Mozambique. We've developed a strategy that categorizes products based on their performance in various states. This enables us to provide targeted discounts and specialized marketing strategies, including robust digital campaigns, to bolster our distributors' efforts and enhance the end-user experience with our products.

Nidhi: What methods do you employ to gather feedback from your distributors, and what role does it play in your customer experience strategy?

Vipin: Presently, we rely on offline methods, supported by a dedicated analysis team. They meticulously assess sales data and trends to gain insights into distributor performance and market demands. This analysis helps us respond effectively to fluctuations in sales and strategize for market growth.

Nidhi: Could you shed light on the technological tools you use for these analyses?

Vipin: Certainly. We use SAP for front-end operations and two main tools for in-depth analysis – and Microsoft's Power BI. These tools are instrumental in providing us with the necessary insights to support our distributors more effectively.

Nidhi: In implementing your strategies, what challenges do you face, particularly in the manufacturing segment?

Vipin: There are indeed challenges, mainly due to infrastructural limitations, such as limited internet access in some regions in Africa. This affects our ability to implement digital platforms for customer feedback comprehensively. However, we have plans to introduce such platforms in major cities in the coming years.

Nidhi: Finally, what are some key strategies you believe are essential in enhancing customer experience within your distributor network?

Vipin: We're currently implementing several cost-saving strategies to improve our operational efficiency. These include just-in-time inventory systems and vendor-managed inventory, along with a focus on operational efficiencies and a variable cost model. These strategies are aimed at not just enhancing our service delivery but also ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Nidhi: Thank you for sharing these valuable insights. Your approach to navigating the complex markets and prioritizing customer experience is truly commendable.

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