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4 Digital Trends In CX That You Can't Ignore

2024/06/12 15:50 pm | Reading Time: 3:00

Now that we are somewhere in mid – 2024, brands are well acquainted with the value of customer experience. What does today’s aware & modern customer base expect in customer service? Which channels do they use to interact with a brand before, during and after buying a product or service?

Customer experience is critical for business success today. So today we are taking a glance at the upcoming trends in 2024 to keep customers wanting more!



First Comes an Omnichannel Presence

When a customer does business with a brand, often they will go through several sources & touchpoints before finalizing the order. So when you implement a CX strategy that is spread across multiple channels, you can actually go out on every limb and meet the customer – be it emailers, social media, websites, apps, physical stores and more.

It is also crucial to know the purpose of each channel. You may put up an episode on a podcast for brand recognition and it may do very well. But even if a customer hears about you there, it is unlikely they will click on the podcast every time they need to make a purchase!

Every channel may not be a likely platform for placing orders. However, it may be crucial as one touchpoint of communication in the customer’s entire journey. Keep this in mind while choosing the platforms for your digital presence. And ensure that the messaging tone is right for each platform.

Customer Experience and Personalization

CX thrives on emotional connect. Hyper-personalization is the need of the hour and with the right use of data, companies can imbibe this in their customer experience strategy. The customer relationship management (CRM) platform that each organization uses can be a rich source when customers are looking for predictive analytics to give their customers a more personalized experience.

Be it sales, product development, marketing or anything else, your CRM can offer data for everything. You can use this data to introduce features like reminders, recommendations, SMS alerts or something even more basic like greeting a customer by their name.

Make the best use of generative AI to better learn the trends in person-to-person behaviour and give them experiences that make them feel more familiar.

Clear Communication on How You Engage With User Data

When customers trust a brand and do regular business with them, sooner or later they are okay to share their personal information. They appreciate the personalized services or communication they receive time to time. The hyper-personalized customer experience is significant as it might just end up creating more product and service orders. This might also create a closer form of bonding with the customer.

Even so, customers prefer to know that their personal information is safe in the hands of the brand and that there will be no data breaches. Plus they are curious to know how their data will be used.

Therefore, in this age of digital customer experience, companies need to clearly communicate both usage terms and privacy policies so consumers know what their data is being used for. It is an important step towards building customer trust as well as obtaining data that will help you know & serve them better!

Get as Immersive as Possible

After hyper-personalization comes extended reality technologies. This along with both virtual and augmented reality are creating computer-generated simulation and other immersive & interactive features that make the target audience interact with digital content like a part of reality.

XR technologies are also great to educate customers or offer product demonstrations. Let’s take the example of a hat which a customer wants to gift someone and can before buying, try it on the receiver’s photo to see if it looks good!

Such experiences go a long way to help customers make better-informed decisions. Thus, XR is now an important tool that some brands are using to stay ahead of the competition. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Everyday, more businesses are turning towards automation to revolutionize customer experience while reducing overhead costs. Standing at this juncture, it is important to create the right balance of human touch and automation.

Customer service, when completely automated, runs the risk of turning cold & robotic. The role of automation should be more directed towards completion of routine work, leaving the humans free to work on better and more personalized assistance.

In a similar manner, human personnel should be educated and equipped with the right artificial intelligence tools to save time, reduce errors and work more efficiently. The right balance of human touch and automation will pave the way for seamless communication and customer experience that puts a smile on your patron’s face!


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